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Cycling Science goes Live in Brighton

Exploring why bicycles stay upright

Exploring why bicycles stay upright – one of the experiments by the cycling scientists

I’m involved with cycling science events during Brighton Science Festival so I hope you can come along to at least one of them.

First, there’s Cycling Science: The Ride! They are led rides through Brighton, stopping to do experiments and demonstrations. Tickets are on sale here.

You will be the guinea pigs in the experiments and demonstrations and, no matter how much you think you know about cycling or about science, I hope you’ll find out something new.

The rides are family-friendly but tickets are limited so I’ll be doing it at 11.00am on Sunday 1st March and again at 2.30pm on Sunday 1st March.

The rides are supported by Rule 5 BikesUniversity of SussexMartin Burton PhotographyNick Sayers and the Velo Café.

The other event is a presentation all about the science of cycling which I’ll be giving with Professor Andrea Sella of University College London, BBC TV, Radio 4 and Hackney CC.

He’s the 2015 recipient of the Michael Faraday Prize, given annually by the Royal Society for excellence in communicating science. Yes, he’s terrific.

We’ll be joined by Viki Bloodworth, structural engineer, cycling addict and expert in carbon fibre at Aerotrope. She’ll talk about possible futures for carbon fibre bicycles. And she’ll be bringing an extraordinarily rare and special bike. Viki’s terrific, too.

The presentation is part of Big Science Saturday, on 28th February 2015, and it’s the first event of the day, scheduled to start at 10am. Tickets are on sale here.

The presentation is supported by Dyson, University of Sussex, AerotropeMorvelo, and EasyComposites Endo diagram for Cycling Science