No excuses

Hmmm. It’s more than three years since my last post. If you’ve been waiting on tenterhooks and checking back every day then I admire your patience but, honestly, you should seek help.

However, if you’ve been busy like me with other things, please don’t worry that I’m going to keep you here for very long. It’s just to say that during the intervening 40 months, cycling hasn’t stopped nor has science and, consequently, neither have I.

I gave a few talks, chaired the odd conference, wrote a lot of magazine and website articles, sat back in awe as publishers in several countries translated and published new language versions of my book and led some very popular cycling science rides with my mate Derek for the national science festival.

And I’ve been tweeting like there’s no tomorrow (which is always a worrying possibility). Oh, and I revised the UK version of my book and it’s now out in paperback.

I said I wouldn’t keep you for long this time. Hope to see you before another three years pass by. Until then, buy my book, read my articles and wave to me as I pedal past on my way to another laboratory.

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