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City of Dreaming Tyres


What did I know of Oxford before my visit last Friday? I wore a dubious pair of Oxford bags in the ’80s and that was the sum of it. Now I know a bit more and it’s a revelation.

2933777_1023_2First, there’s The Story Museum. Why aren’t all libraries and museums like this, including those aimed at grown-ups? These beautifully-designed rooms will spur you to read any book, immediately.

As it is, the next Cycling Science presentation will be held there at 6.30pm on Sunday 21 June. I’m privileged to share the bill with Dr Tom Cohen, deputy director of the Transport Institute at UCL.


Tom will give an evidence-based presentation about danger, risk, responsibility and, er, helmets. Yes, helmets. So expect a lot of fireworks. I might have to hide under the giant bed in the room upstairs.

I’m planning to include brand new information about a recently-discovered material that could have as big an impact on bicycles in the 21st century as carbon fibre did in the 20th and steel did in the 19th.

You’ll have to come to the talk to find out if you’ve guessed correctly.

There will also be a couple of Cycling Science Rides during the day. I’m indebted to Tara at Science Oxford for showing me the paths and tracks past the river and through meadows of this surprising city.

Cycling Science the Ride-2Compared to previous Cycling Science rides, these will be positively rural, despite being in the centre of a conurbation. Tara’s picked out a great route and, as ever, they will be family-friendly.

If you think you know HOW a bicycle works, these rides, complete with demonstrations and experiments, will show you WHY a bicycle works. We even dreamed up a couple of new stunts to open your eyes to the magic that is cycling.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase signed, discounted copies of Cycling Science, my book which has grown into live talks, led rides and helped me to discover Oxford.

I hope to see you there.