Cycling Science – Live!

Cycling Science – Live! received its World Premier at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival at 4.30pm on Sunday 8th June 2014


It was a delight to work with Andrea Sella, a pedal-powered professor of chemistry who has an incurable addiction to experiments and demonstrations that may or may not involve volatile chemicals.

The hall was packed, the reception wonderful and we tried, unsuccessfully, to fit too many videos, demos and experiments into a mere 60 minutes.

Photo of Cheltenham presentation

That means we’ve got lots of stuff still to share so we’re planning more – not just on the stage of science festivals but out on the roads and streets.



3 Bikes Cheltenham Sci FestSo keep your eyes peeled for announcements from science festivals and cycling festivals up and down the country – and come back to this page often to find out how you can experience Cycling Science Live!

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