Breaking with Tradition

Breaking the mould

For several months I’ve been sitting on a few stories that have caught my eye while scouring academic studies relevant to cycling. They are a bit off-track, not solid cycling, excursions from my usual direction, so I couldn’t think which of my usual magazine and web publishers might want them. That’s why I’ve decided to publish themselves myself. But how?

The easiest way to publish an essay so that lots of people can read it is to post it to a blog, such as this. Unfortunately that wouldn’t help me to pay my bills. So, with some reluctance, I’ve chosen to use Amazon’s eBook platform.

The platform really is more suitable for longer works, books, but it might work for the couple of thousand words of an essay. In my next post you’ll find links to the essay on several of Amazon’s international sites and in their local currencies.

Whichever currency you use, I hope the text gives you value for money for what is, after all, something to enjoy over a coffee or even a cup of tea. Or both.

Breaking with Tradition” is the first essay and is available online . It’s an easy read, has some shocking moments and silly recollections. I hope you like it.

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